Welcome to the homepage of Computer Jagat. Computer Jagat,a monthly information technology magazine has been playing a key role since 2005 in spreading computer education in vernacular. Run by a group of young enthusiasts, (faculty, students and alumni of the Department of Computer Science and engineering, Jadavpur University) the magazine has attracted a huge number of readers and developed a strong fan base in recent years.In addtion to the monthly publication ,Computer Jagat is published in the form of a book each year during Kolkata Book Fair.The aim of Computer Jagat is to impart knowledge on the fundamental as well as advanced areas of computer science and information technology in a simple and straightforward way to the common people. Our readers range from high school students, taking active interest in computers to Software professionals, who could brush up the basics of XML from Computer Jagat articles. In recent days, when multinational companies charge a huge amount of fees for their so-called ‘high-end courses’, Computer Jagat always makes it a point to pass on computer awareness to the masses with a very nominal charges. In a brief it can be summarized as: 

Spread Computer Literacy through vernacular

Spread Technology Awareness

Spread Computer Science Awareness

Build comprehensive “Bangla  Paribhasha” for  technological terms

Encourage budding technology writers.

Analyze impact of technology on Socio-economic life

Interaction platform with Subject experts

Know all about your subject career opportunity etc. in Computer Science and Engineering

Research trends and Experts opinions

A path to shape your career in computer Science .