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Computer Science and Engineering Department of Jadavpur University is one of the best in the country, and its students have always excelled in various fields of life, not necessarily only in academic. The inception of Computer Jagat is ample proof of this fact.It all started when Nibaran Das, a M.E. student (2003-05) of the department hit upon the idea of a magazine during --guess what? -- one of his exams in January,2004.His motivation is to have a magazine which is far different from the conventional IT or Techno Magazine He dreamt of reaching out to the Bangla Speaking masses of India . On communicating this idea to others, a few of his classmates, as well as some PhD scholars and some of his friends appreciated the concept and joined instantly.

Thus began a huge struggle which first bore fruit with the publication of Computer Jagat's maiden issue in February 2005 . The Issue was inaugurated by the Pro V.C. Prof. S. K. Sanyal of that time . It was a huge success. At last there was a magazine on computers and IT in Bangla, everybody's language. From the very beginning, Computer Jagat had a pretty broad focus in mind. Its coverage ranged from the latest advances in the field down to the very basics every layman needs to know. Bringing out the magazine was tough enough, but sustaining it and trying to make it self independent was even harder.
Hard days of struggle followed for the core team of Nibaran, Niladri, Chandreyee and Sujoy, all M.E. students of the department. In due course students from the B.E. course came forward as well. People who had discouraged the efforts earlier also came forward with their support. Professors of the department took time off from their teaching assignments to contribute articles and also encouraged from very beginning. Initial funding was managed by personal donation, even from complete outsiders. But, one by one, sponsors started appearing with ads. Old students passed out, freshers took charge. And this is how, in a nutshell, Computer Jagat has completed one year and six months of its existence till date. It is still a toddler, but it has learnt to walk on its own. We all hope it continues to grow, and we wish it becomes one of the foremost IT magazines of the nation one day.